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Investing in Barcelona is a Good Idea. But The Way you go about it will Determine how Successful your Investment Idea is…

So how do you go about investing in Barcelona?

We suggest taking the well-informed approach. To invest you need money. To invest profitably, you need intelligence. Accurate and relevant information about Barcelona will help you make the best decisions for your investing aspirations.

We have done the legwork, so you don’t have to. Barcelona offers wonderful investing opportunities and we offer you the information to make the most of these investing opportunities, getting the best ROI you can hope for.

Starting off with sound reasons that make Barcelona and incredible investment ground, we provide relevant information, with appropriate details, about the city.

Everything Business-in-Barcelona

This site will guide you through and give you an overview of what you should know about Barcelona, right here, right now;

Why Barcelona?

A lot of factors make Barcelona a lucrative investing opportunity;


In addition to being the capital of the Mediterranean zone, Barcelona is at the centre of a promising economic euro zone. Connecting Latin America to Northwest Africa, the city’s strategically important location helps it enjoy considerable foreign investment.

Accessibility & Transportation

Barcelona boasts a very well-developed transportation infrastructure. Its international airport is considered Europe’s best and its harbour which ranks 1st and 9th in the Mediterranean and Europe respectively is through which Asian imported goods. Well-designed train and highway networks also contribute to the highly conducive environment for business people and goods.

Diverse and Dynamic Economy

Barcelona offers a combination of diverse economic activities ranging from media production to biotechnology. This translates into a robust industrial base, one that is friendly for different kinds of investors.

Generous Foreign Investment

Considering what we have discussed till now, it’s not surprising that Barcelona is a beneficiary of considerable foreign investment. More than 700, 500 and 400 companies from France, Germany and North America (among others) respectively have presence in Barcelona. 25% of Spain’s total foreign investment is channelled to Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital.

Talent Hub

Barcelona has an impressive human capital and incredible talent creation potential with approximately 250,000 students. In addition to having two highly prestigious universities, ESADE and IESE, the city is littered with research centres which attract international talent, also reflected in the 10% international student ratio.

Expansive Real Estate

Barcelona offers a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial properties at economical rates. Always well-planned, the high quality real estate supply will see an addition of 7 million square meters of office, commercial and industrial space.

Major Development Projects Underway

There are some major development projects being planned for Barcelona. From the 7 million square meters of real estate development discussed above to a station with a capacity of serving 100 million passengers per annum, the development projects create lucrative investment and business opportunities.

Brilliant Standard of Living

From the pleasant weather to first-rate healthcare system, a lot of factors contribute to the high quality of life that Barcelona offers its residents. Wherever you are coming from, if your business requires so, you will enjoy the time spent in Barcelona, which is among Europe’s top destinations.

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